mixing glidegel with CBD?

It was just a thought: what about mixing CBD-oil with glidegel? I wonder if this will get the CBD absorbed faster than a few drops under the tounge? Not to mention that it was said to increase the blood cirulation in that area? I also tried to vape CBD-vapeliquid but as a nonsmoker: guys how do you can keep up with it without coughing the whole day? 🙂

Any recommendations? 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/gzyajl/mixing_glidegel_with_cbd/


  1. Cannabinoids will dissolve in alcohol and fat. It will dissolve easier with heat. Consider mixing your chosen Cannabinoids with coconut oil (a fat) that will also serve as an effective and economical lube.

  2. You could also try making or buying CBD supositories to apply topically direct to the area in play. “Foria” makes them as well as some with thc infused. Both are based in Coconut oil so you get some lube at the same time.

  3. You should not be coughing all day from only few uses. Where did you get the CBD oil? Was it sold as an edible or was it sold for vaping? Does the bottle have the ingredients on it and if so what are they? These may not seem like relevant or important questions but they may very well be.

    Generally when taking any medicine rectally it kicks in faster. But it does need a carrier that is high in fat to help it absorb into your system. It still won’t kick in as fast as vaping or smoking, but possibly faster than taking it orally

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