Possible Progasm

Hey all, I’m at a bit of an impasse.
I’ve had an original Aneros Helix Syn for over a year now and it’s just… fine. It feels nice, sometimes I get some small waves, but invariably I’m taken away from the fun sensations and contractions by the friction of the silicone around my anus, the thick-ish neck, the sore spot from the dime style p tab, and the lack of internal movement and sensation.
I know that my prostate is keyed in to pleasure as I enjoy anal sex and dildos and my favourite thing in the world is a prostate massage with my njoy pure wand. I‘m able to experience breath orgasms following the exercises in Urban Tantra and I experience ecstasy through a variety of kink things, so I have other ways to achieve a Super-O of sorts, which makes me feel like I don’t necessarily *need* to make this Aneros thing work.
I guess what I’m asking for is advice on whether or not it’s worth another shot, I’ve been looking at the Progasm line as the friction from the syn and the lack of intensity of prostate stim are probably the biggest problems I’m having. And from there I’m so torn on which model to go for: the Ice has nice spherical tabs and will certainly deliver intensity, however the Jr is likely to be much more mobile and easier to use often, and I’m pretty sure my prostate is on the shallower end of average anyway so it may be more than sufficient to supply the right sensations for success.
Any advice on experiences with the Tempo would also be appreciated.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/hasj95/possible_progasm/


  1. I’m in a similar spot as you… thus am definitely going to follow to see responses. I have the Helix Syn and figured I would try something new…was torn between the Progasm and the Progasm Jr as well as the Tempo. I had been looking at reviews and finally decided to get the Progasm Ice and the Tempo. Both are being shipped right now and I am excited to give them both a try… I can’t help but wonder if I should have done the Progasm Jr though… sigh…LOL might be my next one… we’ll see what these two new ones do!

  2. What lube are you using? I can use my Syn models for hours with one application of Boy Butter and friction is never an issue.

    Regarding the Progasm Jr the rigid plastic tabs can be more uncomfortable if things really start to move and it’s getting sucked in. The Eupho Syn is my favorite but it’s a close tie with the bigger of the plastic Peridise set. I haven’t tried the Tempo but it seems comparable to the Peridise.

    I think my prostate is shallow as well and though the Progasm Jr was the first model I achieved success with, I rarely find myself using it as the subtle sensations of the smaller models work better for me.

  3. The Aneros will not work for you. It’s a passive experience, unlike your dildo and wand usage. The dildo and wand are active experiences. You don’t need to make the Aneros thing work , as you can achieve a Super O of sorts, is funny and braggadocios. If you Super O, why the need for Aneros?

  4. The Progasm is one device i can not put away, it’s my go-to for passive stimulation over any other toy. The friction is pretty much non-existent, so the movement is not uncomfortable at all. If thats you only “complain” about the original, i’d say try the Progasm. Can’t say anything about the JR, as i don’t have it 🙂 The only downside i HAD with the Progasm was the kundalini-tab, it did not really match my body as it kept poking in a very harsh way, but you can simply remove it with a dremel and grind away the rough edges.

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