How do i get started?

Hello lads, recently I bought an Aneros Trident MGX, I already have like, 5 sessions under my belt with a few days of break between them, and didn’t really get any results. What am I even supposed to do? I tried the ‘do nothing’ method once and actually slept with it inside me for around 5 hours, nothing happened. I suppose I should be contracting my anus, but do I squeeze it for as long as I can or am I supposed to let go quickly and make the contractions more frequent?



  1. Try some counted breathing in through the nose and out the mouth, relax as much as you can. Try to start a the top of your head and think about releasing tension from all your joints and muscles down through your toes. For me, focusing on releasing upper leg tension with good breath support for my lower abdomen gets it going. Theres a lot of ways i visualize whats happening that wouldnt translate out of my head, so just bw really mindful of everything about the experience and youll eventually find what works for you.

    You can try some manual stimulation but some might caution against that, i find it pleasurable but i havent yet found a way to reliable link it to handsfree o’s. Fwiw ive only been at it about 3.5 years and it took a good year and a half to achieve reliable orgasms (not super os)

    Edit afterthought: your do nothing might be focused on what your feeling that is familiar to you as pleasure, dont forget to take note of the other pieces of the puzzle ie the muscles youve never associated with arousal.

  2. I’m new as well but getting really good feelings by working my PC and Sphincter muscles earlier in the day before my session. If you concentrate on breathing and doing those contractions in different combinations and really really paying attention to your body – ie that’s not a yawn stretch feeling it’s actually better because you’re doing the exercise – all those lead me to better results in session.

    Don’t do the session if you’re not feeling aroused – I like to strip down and perform some self massage especially on my upper thighs and chest, usually gets the blood movin and my cock movin too

    Keep trying and when you find something interesting like a random muscle movement or eventually light waves of pleasure, just Relax into them – and keep breathing deeply don’t hold it

  3. For the first 10 or 15 minutes, do ample abdominal breathing and relax by focusing on the breaths only, as a kind of meditation. If you want to make contractions of the PC muscles or sphincters it’s OK. But in this case, try to make extremely weak contractions. Caresses on the nipples are very effective in amplifying orgasmic sensations as well.

  4. Didn’t see it mentioned here any where but I would carefully read the aneros Wiki. It’s got a lot of helpful information.

  5. Enjoy some weed, come back and post your thank yous in a week.
    If you never smoked or its a limited option, go slowly, you don’t want to overdue the pot and not enjoy the relaxation benefits.

  6. Thanks for all of these tips. Just got mine and want to try it soon. Never have used one before.

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