No super o yet, but getting pleasure and zen like state

Have had my helix for 2 months. First insertion was uncomfortable and, but after some practice, this is no longer an issue. I eventually got to point where I could trigger involuntary contractions, but they would only last a few seconds at a time. Then I could keep the involuntaries coming for longer periods but no pleasure. Then I could get intense involunatries with mild pleasure, but no eroticism/horniness. Now I am at the point where I get really horny and warm, strong involuntaries, moderate pleasure, rock hard erections on and off, heavy breathing, tingling, small amount of pre cum, and immediately upon insertion I feel super relaxed and at peace. Its a meditative like sense where every subtle feeling is amplified. After my sessions, I feel very relaxed even not having orgasms. Its like that feeling after getting out of a hot tub and showering off and laying down on your couch. The desire from wanting penile stimulation is different from the desire of prostate/anal stimulation. You kind of have to learn to separate the two.

I also have noticed that my dreams are much more vivid and I dont think its a coincidence. Been having crazy dreams.

Also, If I start with the aneros, I can take it out and go aless once things get started. So I usually go an hour with the aneros, then take it out and I can continue to have sensations indefinitely. I only have stop when my legs get tired.


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