Aneros vice 2 questions

I have a few questions about the vice 2 and aneros in general.

1) how does the aneros work, cause unlike most p massagers this one seems to just sit their and that’s really it and with the vice 2 it just adds vibrations.

2) how does this P-massager compare to the Nexus Revo stealth or the Loki from LELO.

3) what are some tips and tricks with to try with the vice 2 if I were to get it.

And that’s it really I appreciate all responses to this post and any additional info I should know just let me know 🙂

Also I’m considering the Loki, Revo stealth and the vice 2 as my first prostate massager so if any of you have used any of these please sure your experiences with them.



  1. I’ve had amazing results with the aneros original MGX and the Helix Syn. Amazing results. Alone and with my partner. I see they make the trident versions now, which I’m very curious about. I’m not gay and not headed that way, but even my wife says, when I have an aneros inserted, when I release in her she feels it to her core. Tmi I know but gdamn them things hit the right spots.

  2. So I have most of the Aneros models including the Vice so maybe can answer your questions.

    1. All the Aneros models work by you contracting your PC muscle. That draws the toy in and rubs over your prostate, giving awesome feelings, especially once you figure it out. Yes, the Vice2 adds vibrations, which for most guys also feels really good on your prostate.
    2. I don’t have the Nexus Revo but as I understand it has a “rotate” function where the end will stroke your prostate without you having to move it. Although, most Nexus models count on your muscles pulling them in like the Aneros, so that probably would make it feel even better with the Revo. But, I have heard several guys say that the Revo has major quality issues. They have a new model (Stealth 2) that may be more reliable but at least a couple of Amazon reviews say it also dies eventually. All the Lelo toys are top-quality. The Loki is all about its vibe function. It has really nice feel but is pretty large, like over 1.5″ in diameter. But once you get it in, the deep rumbling vibes feels great on your prostate. Its only other drawback (besides size) is you have to hold it in or push it up against something (like maybe pillow) or it can sometimes tend to slip out. The controls can also be a little tricky to use while it’s inserted.
    3. Here are some general Aneros tips I posted a while ago, maybe you will find them useful. []( They apply to all the Aneros models; the only difference is the Vice has a vibe. I usually turn the vibe on and off because if I leave it on all the time it can start to numb the prostate. But I usually finish with it on because those vibes can cause a really intense orgasm, especially after having it in for awhile to warm up.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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