Query regarding prostate milking section in Aneros Wiki

So I was reading Aneros wiki and found a text there. Are they referring to refractory period here or is this something else?


“A man can learn to perform a self milking without orgasm by using his PC muscles to manipulate the Aneros massager, it should be noted part of the mechanism for orgasm for a male involves the accumulation of fluids within the prostate and associated ducts; accordingly once thoroughly milked, a male may be incapable of achieving an ejaculatory orgasm regardless of the degree of stimulation, for some time after. “

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/hd5djf/query_regarding_prostate_milking_section_in/


  1. Take the Aneros wiki with a grain of salt. It sets many up for stagnation and failure.

  2. No. There is a notion going around, that if the seminal vessels, prostate etc. are thoroughly emptied through mechanical motion (milking), an ejaculatory orgasm can not occur until enough fluid has built up. This is not the same as a refractory period. The idea here is, that true milking, one would be still highly aroused, but not able to cum through a regular ejaculatory orgasm.


    I have come across this idea in femdom blogs as well, but typically in eroticised texts rather than as facts. So far I have not read about this as a factual report by anyone, so I kind of doubt this effect is real.

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