Can you engage in prostate play too much?

Since I got my Aneros Progasm a month ago I have used it or one of the other toys I have at least daily and sometimes more often.

Initially I got pretty good response to the Progasm and even experienced some Aless episodes.

Recently, however the response is less. Am I doing it too often? If so, what is the best interval between sessions?



  1. You may be using it too often, building up an expectation and excitement of what is to come as opposed to relaxing and going with the flow.

    Try taking a couple of days off, and only crack it out when you are in the mood, but also calm, if that makes sense.

    Good luck!

  2. Yes, you can do it too often. The more you use it, the less your body responds. You have to give your body time to rest and rewire. You also should only have sessions if you are in the mood. If you are having to try and get yourself in the mood, you won’t get very far.

    I’d say a maximum of 3 sessions a week while you are still learning. Also, if you are feeling you have to force a session, stop and do it another day.

  3. Everyone has a tolerance. And no one can do it every day. For me it’s mood. I’ve gone 3-4 days in a row and can’t wait for the next day. I’ve also gone 2-3 weeks with having no interest.

    Listen to your body. If it tells you it needs prostate stimulation, feed the monster. I find that when I force a session it NEVER works. Like family is gone. Got hours alone and I’ll go out the toy in. Well I’m not in the mood, and I end up wasting 3hrs if my day getting nowhere. There’s been other days where I only have 30mins but my prostate is Throbbing and I’m horny and I can crank out 3 orgasms in 30mins whereas I couldn’t even get a p wave in the 3hr forced session.

    If you notice it taking you longer and longer to feel things, I’d back off. That’s a sign you need a break. You should be getting to orgasm quicker in your journey.

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