Hygiene trouble

Hello everyone,
I have a question, maybe you will be able to make enjoy my aneros, and other anal stimulus more!
I often cannot enjoy myself with toys because of bowel movements. I read several times that if I went to the toilets not long before it shouldn’t be a problem, but for me it is. I even tried using an anal shower or douche, and it wasn’t very conclusive. Not confortable, and not working well.

Do you have advices for me?

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  1. As another user said, improve your diet, eat more fibre in the form of leafy/cruciferous greens, and drink more water.

  2. -95% of Americans don’t eat enough fiber. Don’t know if you are American or not, but chances are you aren’t eating enough.

    -Metamucil daily helps keep you regular as well.

    -Get better lube that doesn’t contain Glycerin. Glycerin acts as a laxative. I used to have to poop after every time I used my Aneros. Switched lube and the problem went away.

  3. Meat and fibre: you’ll be able to enjoy your session
    Deal with constipation after!

  4. Eat more fibre, as others have said, make sure you have complete evacuation, and get regular. If you know when your movements normally happen, you can plan around them. You might want to wait at least a couple of hours after.

  5. Started my journey when I was overweight and a bit unhealthy. Not morbidly obese but overweight. I am 5’ 11” and weighed 210. I made a choice to change lifestyle. I’m now 165.

    Maybe it’s because I was along my long journey of rewriting along the way but I can say that sessions as a skinny man are far far better. My cheeks don’t touch and I have more options for positions. I can see my cock get hard and soft and leak and the visual is arousing, and most of all, I am extremely regular with one wipe and sometimes no wipe bowel movements every morning and that’s it for the day. It’s made prep easy and have no longer had any sort of surprises on my toy.

    I don’t know your weight or diet, but going to a clean diet sure made things way way better for me. No amount of cleaning or enemeas will help when your body is in a constant churn of evacuating bad stuff.

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