Nothing without nipple stimulation

Heey, so I started my journey almost a year ago with a Helix trident & I feel like I’ve been making progress. There have been times where I feel like I was close to something big. However, I recently noticed that if I don’t stimulate my nipples, I don’t feel anything down there. I’ve tried contracting & releasing muscles, but I don’t feel anything. As soon as I start playing with my nipples it feels good down there. While it feels good, it feels like most of the stimulation comes from playing with my nipples & not contractions. Also, it feels like the Aneros is just short of hitting the right spot, like it’s just below where it should be.

I’ve never been able to locate my prostate with a finger & I’m not sure if I ever hit it with the Aneros.

Not sure what to do. I’ve been thinking about getting a different model. Any advice is appreciated!



  1. Hhmm, actually reading your post sounds like exactly like my experiences.

    I donโ€™t have any answers but itโ€™s nice to know someone else experiences the same.

  2. I’m the same. Got a Eupho which is much better for me than the Helix. Also when it’s going well, I just put my hands on my chest because playing with my nipples is too intense then. It helped me to do the do nothing approach and feel the Eupho touch my prostate. The sensations are minute initially but after 30-30 minutes they seem to amplify without much nipple stimulation. No big super O yet, but definitely very very pleasurable

  3. This exact thing happened to me recently. Playing with my nipples for the first time during a session got me the first auto-fuck experience ever and I got so close to the edge. Strange how your prostate and nipples are so connected and can wake each other up, so to speak.

  4. I started a little over ten months ago with the Helix Trident. Once the first results were achieved with the Helix, I bought the Progasm Jr and the Eupho Trident. Then one or two other models ๐Ÿ™‚.

    I have extraordinary sessions with each of my toys. I believe that once the rewiring is done, regardless of the stimulator, the orgasms will be there. I think that having two or three models available to vary the pleasures is a good idea. And, of course, I also sometimes have sessions that don’t work, or don’t work very well with any model…

    As far as stimulating the nipples, I wait until I’ve had one or two orgasms before touching them. And then… nipples are really switches that start the orgasms and make them last as long as I want (or almost ๐Ÿ™‚).

  5. I experienced the same thing. Over the years I played with my nipples and my wife played with them with no effect.

    After starting anal/prostate play I decided for some reason to try playing with my nipples and WOW! It was like a dial was turned from 2 to 10+ instantly. Now nipple play is an integral part of using any anal/prostate toy.

    I did a little looking on the net and found an article indicating the nerve pathways from the nipples stimulate the same areas in the brain as those from the clitoris and penis.

  6. I’m a new user but for me, nipple play does nothing for me. Maybe Ill get there at some point. But twisting/flicking/rubbing/whatever on my nips in a session just doesn’t give me any increased pleasure. Outside of Aneros sessions, nipples don’t give me anything special either. So maybe I’m just wired wrong lol

  7. What kind of nipple stimulation do you guys do? I’m curious and want to try.

  8. I’ve been there. Probably around the same time as you.

    I just kept going and tried various things. Maybe instead of concentrating on your nipples try caressing other parts of your body. Or other positions. Listen to some erotic audio and do some breathing exercises. Maybe try it in a bathtub. Maybe try some other toy, different aneros. And keep going with the nipples, enjoy it!


    With time, I felt the same sensations that I had with nipple stimulation without. And then adding the nipples back in… kicked things into a higher gear.

  9. funny thing is… as soon as it goes in, my hands are on my nips…..

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