Aneros Progress Notes/Tips

My first post was about how I was a lucky son of a bitch who had success with the Aneros Helix Trident on my second try and was basically on my back for like 5 hours over the course of a day.  I thought I’d give some updates on what has worked and what my process has turned into.

I could do an entire different post on my experience yesterday (another marathon of a day with sex in the middle). Woof.

Anyway, things i’ve realized that help: 

1) Give yourself enough TIME. Men (or maybe just me) are so used to “sex” and orgasms coming and going quickly, that I kept thinking I could squeeze in some Aneros sessions here and there. These have been largely dud-sessions because I’m trying for something to happen and only have an hour or so and I’m preoccupied with checking the clock that nothing happens.

I think the best is giving myself at least 2 hours when I know I can just check out and do my thing with no interuptions. Sounds like a lot, but once the session gets going, time flies. That way I’ve got enough time to prep, get comfortable, get the involuntaries going, and hang on tight for a good time, and eventually wrap it up.

2) Pre-play (foreplay with yourself?) is a must. I knew for my first time that there was a difference between sticking the Aneros in and waiting to get turned on vs. masturbating and getting hard and close to cumming and THEN putting the Aneros in. Like worlds different. Like, make or break the session different. 

I’ll get hard, masturbate and bring myself to the edge a couple times, then put the device in, put on some shorts or boxers/briefs, and not touch my dick again. I’m turned on. I’m in the mood, and after a while I completely forget about my dick while i’m focused on the muscles down below and the device. I’ve tried putting the aneros in and then getting hard/turned on, but I just can’t get or maintain a boner with the Aneros in. I don’t know how people do it. Playing with a flacid penis just doesn’t do much to turn me on either.

3) More Lube is better than less lube. I know people say to use a lot of lube and to use different kinds (coconut oil seems to be the fav on the forums). What I assumed was to use enough lube to get in comfortably and that’s it. After some practice, i’ve noticed that i have better experience if there is PLENTY of lube. Not to sound gross, but I want that Aneros almost swimming in lube up there. Then there is definitely more movement and movement is key. I’m not doing coconut oil suppositories, but enough that it’s moving around no problem. If I feel like things aren’t moving as much during the session, i’ll stop and put some more lube on to freshen everything up. If things seem to stall out, it could be that things have dried up a bit and there isn’t enough lube to allow for movement

4) Modification of the Aneros. This is part of why yesterday was another insane P-Play day. I have the Helix Trident (normal white model). I got that one specifically because the white material is a harder material and people talked of a better response from that vs the Syn models. I’ve had great experience with it, but one thing i’ve noticed is that the P-Tab doesn’t seem to hit as much as the back tab. The back tab almost would grind into my crack and the P-tab would barely be touching me. I know the Helix model is more of a “rocking” model vs an in and out model like the MGX (at least based on what i’ve read. I only have the Helix). 

I’ve seen before that some people modify the devices, and for some it works and for some they ruin the device and need a new one. In the middle of a session last night, I decided (why in the middle I have no idea) to try and move that back tab. So I used a lighter and slightly warmed the part of the back tab arm. When it was soft enough, the back tab arm was weakened/moved slightly. You can barely tell from looking at it that it’s been changed. But then I slipped it in. Holy Fuck.

Whatever the slight adjustment was, I feel like before it was maybe 80% in the right place or using the right motion, it’s now like 100% ON IT. Where I could kinda loose the involuntaries and have to get them back, this was full auto pilot. I think the back arm is moved slightly and maybe a little weaker where there is a lot more movement now than before. The sensations were more intense than usual and it was easier to get into and stay in the feedback look of writhing/moaning/orgasms. It just seems to be a better fit for me now.

Anyway, my two cents on my 1.5 week journey so far. I’m a changed man.


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  1. Great post buddy. I’d go for that other post about yesterday that you teased 😄

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