2nd Helix Trident Session – close!

So I had my second session earlier and it lasted about 3 hours…

Pretty sure I’ve got the involuntaries nailed (ie – I can reliably get them started), but I just need to try and relax into them more as I know I get excited when I feel them start.

However, I did get close to SOMETHING happening…I started stroking my nipples and when I got more aroused I could keep the involuntaries going…I then started to feel a build up to what felt like it would be an orgasm but, again, I think I got too excited by it and lost it before it tipped me over…my legs then started shaking and I couldn’t really get the level of focus back. What was this likely to have been? For about 30 mins of the session it really felt like something was happening, but outside of that, the involuntaries weren’t really leading to anything really pleasurable. Is this normal?

Any tips on how I can get myself to tip over into whatever was about to happen?!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/hldxh9/2nd_helix_trident_session_close/

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  1. I get leg shakes too and they distract me. Once I start getting them I change positions to lay on my side in the prone position. That helps.

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