Is the Eupho an upgrade from the Helix?

Based on what I have read, the helix is usually the most recommended for beginners to learn. I have had mine for 2 months and have used it maybe 20 times. The first week I got it I used it every day, but didnt get anything out of it, but after that I was able to get random short lived involuntaries on occasion, and now I have strong long lasting involuntaries that feel *nice* but are not orgasms. I tend to feel my best sensations when the device is moving. The doesnt hurt when its in, but putting it in and taking it out doesnt feel great.

Im thinking the eupho will glide better because its thinner. I hear many people say the Eupho gives the best orgasms.

I also tend to know whether a session will be a dud or not within a few minutes. My best session was after a week of no aneros. Seems for me that its not as intense with daily use.



  1. Depends. I have the Helix, Eupho, Tempo and Progasm. I can’t feel anything from the Eupho unless I stand and lean just right, which is usually the few moments after insertion. Insertion is easier tho.

    Have you tried a lube shooter? That might help with insertion and extraction. Personally for removal I just push like I’m going to the bathroom rather than trying to yank it out since my body likes to clamp down on it after orgasm. I also find that laying on my side with my knees bent helps with inserting my larger toys.

  2. Can’t say upgrade IMO. Just like sex, different things feel better depending on your mood or state of arousal. I switch between the models and enjoy them all.

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