How am I supposed to relax and get off with a big plastic arm jabbing into my taint?

Seriously is it meant to be pleasurable? Am I the only one who can’t seem to even get started on enjoying myself because all of these massagers have attachments that dig into the perineum? If it’s meant to be massaging the prostate from the outside it is failing miserably…



  1. Are you shoving the toy in too far?

    I’ve never had any discomfort from ptab pressure, and often wish it pushed down a bit harder.

  2. Which model are you using? The earlier tabs are uncomfortable, but I used some moldable plastic to round it out as seen in the Progasm model and newer versions. You can put a small piece of cloth there to distribute the weight over more surface. It is something you can get used to, and it’s an important part of the mechanics of the toy.

  3. The Trident line of Aneros doesn’t have the intrusive perineum attachment. Check those out.

  4. A bit of a tip. If your using a hard plastic model with a little heat you can bend them to your liking.
    However i never get bothered by the tab and, like the way it sits.

  5. It’s a little bit like when you learn to play guitar. At first your fingers hurt, then they get stronger and the pain goes away. It’s the same with the perineum and the P-tab. After a while the discomfort disappears. It’s an important part of the device that I don’t think should be too much modified.

  6. The P-Tab never bothered me, but there are a couple different models you can try. The Syn models are more flexible and provide less pressure. Personally, I feel it is too soft and flimsy but you might have better luck. You can also try a Trident model as the P and K tabs have been redesigned.

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