Finally had multiple P orgasms. Here’s how

I’ve wasted a lot of time with dildos and other large objects. Last night was my third time using the “aneros syn helix” and I had multiple hands free orgasms the likes of which I haven’t had since I was a child.

I started the session with weed and lube. Unlike my normal routine of constantly pounding my prostate with the largest dildo that will fit inside me, I decided to take things slow with the aneros. I put it inside me and laid on my back on my bed. I did keggels until I got tired which wasn’t long. It felt good but i wanted more. I laid on my stomach and flexed my butt and eventually started to twerk. Felt good but still wasn’t enough.

Finally here’s what sent me over the edge. I positioned my self at the corner of my bed so that my stomach was flat on the bed and my legs where hanging off at a 100 degree angle. I started to thrust against the bed and was immediately greeted by a wave of pleasure.
I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

The more I began to thrust the more I felt a glow begging to form inside of me. Instead of chasing the feeling and trying to force the toy against my prostate I just relaxed. I let go of every muscle in my body except for my legs. I decided that whatever happens, happens.

Seconds later my body is FLOODED with pleasure. It felt like my entire body was orgasming. It lasted for 10 seconds but felt much longer. I kept going thrusting the edge of the bed with my penis pointed at the floor. Seconds latter another orgasm shot through me stronger than before. By the time that was over a new one was forming. This went on for six more times. Finally my legs gave out and I was done for the night.

Thank you everyone for the advice , I’m probably going to save up for a machine now



  1. Machine? How does that work? What’s that all about and how does that relate to your story?

  2. Sorry I’m having some trouble visualizing this. Were your feet touching the ground? And was your penis pressed against the bed or was just hanging in the air?

  3. I once pulled and streched my balls downward until i came
    It was different from wanking and i felt slight waves and shaking in my prostate.

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