Questions regarding ?maybe? my closest attempt to orgasm

Hey all – first time using any toys. I got an Aneros Syn.
First time I had no idea how this was supposed to be use, I just wanted to play with anal stimulation while masturbating. Then I realized this is something totally different which I was excited to learn!

Yesterday I tried again. I was laying on my side and following the guide of “sucking the toy in” with my anal muscles and then relaxing. After about 5-10 minutes my legs started shaking. Then like my whole body was convulsing, I was breathing super heavy and it was crazy. But I didn’t achieve an orgasm. I felt I was close, but there were “waves” where I would start shaking and feeling this “chain reaction” starting, but then it faded away.

Is this normal? If I kept going would I have had eventually the orgasm from your experiences? I was shocked how fast my legs started shaking and I really hope that this was a good sign I was doing it right!

Thanks and have agreat day:)


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  1. I can’t speak to the leg shaking, but what does it for me is a relaxation of most of my body while concentrating on the center of the feelings usually my prostate. If I think about something else or get distracted I kinda have to start all over again. Once I get the first orgasm the others come faster. Sometimes stimuli can hell get the first one, for me it’s audio stimulation but others nipple play or visual porn or fantasy work too. Experiment my friend! Relax as much as you can and allow your body and mind to “sink” or relax into the center of that feeling. Verbalizing sounds of your pleasure if possible can help a lot too. Let us know what works for you.

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