Aneros Helix Trident vs Helix Syn (or some other model) to supplement Progasm

I have a Progasm but it isn’t quite doing the job. I am thinking about getting a Helix Trident.

What are the differences between the Helix Trident over the Helix Syn? Is it just the flexibility and softer surface?

I am comfortable with the size and firmness of the Progasm. Am I wasting money getting a Helix?

What other model might be better?



  1. I have both…. bigger size doesn’t mean better results. I am enjoying both however may be able to get better movement with the Trident. Hot damn though… I really love both of them!

  2. Most guys love the Helix (at least once they get the hang of prostate play in general). The Syn variety is a little softer and more flexible. The Trident is smooth plastic, so has less friction and moves more easily. I have and like both, just at different times. Different strokes… it’s really personal preference.

    I also really like the MGX, actually it’s my favorite, especially for longer sessions because it’s smaller and less aggressive than the Helix, and I can control its movements better. So if your sessions are usually shorter, the Helix may be better for you. If you want to keep it in for say, over an hour, and are willing to practice a bit, the MGX will definitely hit your spot and won’t tire you out as easily as the Helix might.

    Both the MGX and Helix are quite different from the Progasm because they rely a lot more on movement and your own contractions to make that happen. Either toy would definitely be a change from the Progasm. But absolutely worth the money IMO.

  3. I wish choosing the right one was like like buying shoes or a pair of pants where some physical measurement determines the right size.

    I did find a sale where you can get a Helix Syn and one of the other styles for 95.00.

  4. Helix Syn trident or MGX syn or the abs version of either of these for a new user? Have had a vibrating prostate massager that didn’t quite get there. Looking to try new toys.

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