So many models? Which to choose?

Hello all new to this sub! Have recently bought a massager off amazon and while it did feel amazing I don’t think it quite hit the spot. I began looking further into proper toys and aneros popped up.

I can’t even list all the models I have tried to compare. I believe I would prefer silicone. With the ability to use with my partner and not feel poked by stiff abs plastic?

Trident ? MGX syn trident? Helix syn trident ? Which is great for beginner – intermediate. Something that can be easily approached for a beginner and used for intermediate level after?

So overwhelmed. Help? Where is best to order from as well?



  1. I started with Helix Syn Trident and like it a lot, have a couple others that are larger but not started with them yet. Give one a try!

  2. I would not really recommend aneros toys for partner play, although their toys are awesome foe solo ventures.

  3. I have to say that I feel like silicone toys, while great for being more safe, are problematic in the lube department. You can’t use silicone lube which would destroy the toy, and silicone toys that aren’t lubed well are sticky and draggy and not much fun.

    If you want to be using copious amounts of water based lube, fine, go for it, but Ihey tend to dry out faster than silicone lube.

    Glass and steel, and the ABS plastic of the non silicone Aneros products are lube agnostic (did I just coin a new term), are easy to clean, and can get slippery with less lube.

    Also, they won’t melt or deform or discolour the way silicone toys do if they come into contact with another silicone toy.

    For models, I started with the Helix because I heard it was easier, but later got an MGX which I prefer more now.

  4. On the Aneros site is an offer called ComparaSYN where you can get a Helix Syn and another one of a different style for 95.00. It saves about 15.00 over buying separately

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