Pleasure when sitting.

I am a newbie to Aneros 2 months down the line,no earthshaking orgasms as yet but i have found the experience very sensual and erotic ,i wonder if other people have experienced this, when i am sitting down sometimes i have very pleasurable feelings coming from my perineum area,is this part of the re-wiring process.



  1. Sure is!! And it gets better…

    I’ll never forget the day I was sitting on the couch and noticed that feeling… I did some contractions and ended in a moaning squirming orgasm state for a minute before it got too intense and I couldn’t control my muscles anymore… Fully clothed, no hands, just randomly created bliss.

    Keep going!!

  2. Thanks for the replies,it is now very pleasurable sat in front of the TV with these subtle sensations occuring in my Perineum area.

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