Holding your PC muscle

How long are you able to hold your PC muscle. I only seem to be able to hold it for a couple of seconds. I was reading some tutorial and they said to hold it for 30 seconds. Have you been able to have waves or super o’s without holding it that long? If not, I have a lot of work to do. I may also be holding too hard but I feel like I am not

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  1. You are most likely clenching too hard. People able to achieve super Os typically say the more subtle squeezes are what get them there. You can def generate waves with more rhythmic, short clenches. The longer ones might be more necessary for involentaries though, not sure.

  2. P Wave

    A long gentle subtile squeeze with nearly no tension is the key to get the imbalance in the pelvic floor and starts the involuntary twitching.

    P Gasm

    The second important thing is to get this twitching going until you can’t hold it and cum from prostate. This is somehow complicated to describe. People compare that sometimes to making a Glas sing by moving a finger over the edge.


    Squeezing hard is only for training purposes to train your muscle movement hours before a sessions. Don’t put to much tension during a session. This can destroy the whole session because your pelvic floor might not get relaxed anymore.

  3. I have a few different techniques.

    Gently, do slow repetitive contractions at the base of your penis, on a scale of 1-10. Do a 1 very subtle/soft contractions. Or, I sometimes do contractions along my penis like trying to stop yourself from peeing.


    Hold the soft contraction at the base of you penis or along the shaft to the tip and you may start to feel something very pleasant
    Also, your body may not be ready yet and you still need to teach those muscles how to work correctly. It can be done, I started out working way to hard but now I can achieve a super O in about 15-20 minutes.

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