Tipping over the edge

So after an hour or so I can get the involuntaries going – and I think I can feel the quivers around my that I know if I can just let them take over me, they will lead to something – be it a P-gasm or super o, I don’t know.

Trouble is, as soon as I start to feel those, I lose focus and they’re gone. So HOW do I keep focus, relax and let those involuntaries take over to the point that I go over the edge?

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  1. First of all there is not really an edge, its more of allowing yourself to experience these pleasures. The part you are asking for the the hardest and the easiest at the same time, you just have to relax and not think. Be calm in mind and body.

    When i started this was my biggest hurdle too, and i strongly start to believe that this is all practice.

    You kinda have to let go of everything, this is how it works for me. Let go of wanting more pleasure, this only distracts you from the pleasure that is already there. Let go of wanting to orgasm, let go of tension, let go of forcing yourself to let go…. just be in this very moment

  2. What I find helpful when those initial waves hit is to make my focus only on these things

    * Allow yourself to feel the sensation without tensing in reaction. When you start to tense with a wave, relax and breathe and focus on the sensation. The body tensing is misleading because it feels like THAT’S the orgasm but in fact that’s only the countdown starting. Don’t grab onto the involutaries like a steering wheel, you’ll just reign it back and miss the payoff.

    * Invite the tool in deeper with your mind body and soul. Seriously. Beg it to find it’s true home. Talk dirty to yourself. You are charming a snake here, folks. You are both sides for the sexual equation here. It is a dance of pure desire and you have to coax your partner into submitting.

    Your prostate is your female spirit and it is closer to a feminine sexual organ totally different from your dick. You have to court it sincerely. It will know if you are just trying to get laid and get turned off.

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