Using a “Nogasm” for edging to enhance arousal?

Hi, I just found the Nogasm: []( and it’s easier to build [](

It’s a device that uses a inflatable buttplug to measure anal contractions by airpressure in the buttplug and will decrease or shut off the connected vibrator, if tuned right just right to kill the orgasm before it starts.

I wonder if such a edging-session (maybe 45mins to an hour…. (no idea how often I would edge in that time…. maybe 5-10 times?) would enhance a Aneros-session? My prob if I try to edge myself: sometimes I can’t move my hand away because it “feels too good”… if that thing really works so far that it stops the vibrator close to the PONR that would be great. I would probably still need to fixate my hands with some handcuffs or something (ideas?) to the bed, but still….


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  1. I don’t want to kill my orgasm before it starts…

    I want it to happen. And it repeats itself, over and over and over again, more and more intense…

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