I feel like the most difficult part is getting/staying aroused

Just wondering if anyone has similar experiences, or any thoughts and strategies to share…

I find the Aneros enjoyable to various degrees almost every time I use it, but I’ve had very few sessions over the years that felt “different.” There was only one where I really felt like it took over and I had something akin to multiple super-o’s. That was probably a year ago and, if anything, I feel like I’ve gotten less pleasure from it over time. I think that’s because it requires a kind of unique and sustained arousal to make the prostate swell, become more sensitive, and have more contact with the toys. Earlier on, I think just the excitement and anticipation of using the Aneros was enough to keep me more aroused, which would account for greater results in the past.

I’ve tried various visual porn, just erotic audio, erotic stories…all of which I enjoy during “normal” masturbation. But with the extended time of the Aneros, not stimulating my penis at all, not really doing anything physically to maintain my arousal, I just seem to kinda get bored and distracted and can’t keep up the intensity.

Eventually (say, after 45 minutes up to as much as 2 hours), I give up and masturbate to orgasm with the toy in, which always feels really good. I’d still like to progress toward the prostate orgasm in the future, however.

So, any comments?

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  1. Your experience sounds right to me. You can’t force more arousal. High arousal usually ends after about 30 minutes to an hour for me. You can leave it in for longer, but strong sensations may not come back until you have a session on another or later in the day. You can definitely edge with masturbation for as long as you want/can after an Aneros session though!

  2. Holy crap! That’s the exact same path I’ve taken in my journey. I could have written your post word for word. I know exactly where you are. So, how do we relight that fizzled spark that used to burn so bright??

  3. When I feel like getting/staying aroused is an issue, I abandon Aneros use. I think it’s torture to try and force that little toy to create pleasure where my body just isn’t in the mood. When that happens, I just go straight to traditional masturbation.

    I’d recommend staying away from porn during sessions though. It was really hard for me before, but now I find porn too distracting.

    I’ve written some pretty long posts on my novice journey so far and they may be helpful for you!

  4. I agree with the other users. The Aneros is much more of a “mind” experience than a physical one ( to make work). It really makes me appreciate how easy it is to traditionally masturbate, and gives some insight as to how female arousal/sex/orgasms must be (I’m gay so not much of something I’ve thought not before).

    I can get hard quickly and jack off and cum quickly. And do it again. I’ve trained myself for this since I was a kid. But using the Aneros… Greater reward but greater effort as well. Like 7 things have to line up perfectly for a great session. If any one of those things don’t happen, the experience is good, but a let down compared to what I know can happen. Expectations definitely influence nthe experience. My first time with it compared it to the first drug high. So memorable and often chased to re experience.

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