Is edging helping you with prostate orgasms or not?

So, I wonder about something: is edging helping you reach prostate orgasms or not? I ask because it was said that a normal orgasm would make prostate-pleasure (near-)impossible? My edging-experience is that I sometimes get not close enough for any contractions at all, and sometimes I’m just at the brink of PONR but not crossing it pleasurewise, but I still get 1-2 contractions and sperm dribbles out. Does that still counts as a non-orgasm if I want to use the Aneros after?


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  1. It’s whatever will turn you on. If edging gets you excited, then do it until you’re aroused without having to touch yourself. The best session I ever had was after an (accidental) traditional orgasm where I had been teasing my front and then working towards the back; when I looked down after ejaculating and saw that I was flaccid, it suddenly made me super aroused to realize the pleasure had been coming from my prostate, and that excitement carried me past the cool-down stage and straight into prostate bliss.
    Get turned on, and carry that excitement over.

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