Sleeping with it in gets me nothing

I’m not looking to have a “while sleeping” experience and I rarely plan on sleeping with the Aneros. Sometimes I’m just too tired and the slow breathing and relaxation exercises knock me out.

I’m just wondering if anyone gets pleasure or is awakened by feelings when sleeping with one in. This month I slept with the Tempo, MGX, and last night the Progasm. Nothing.



  1. I’ve left mine in a few times and it never woke me up either, some people are hyper sensitive, others not so much.

  2. For me, the aneros isn’t a “set it and forget it” device. Even if I’m using the “do nothing” technique, I need to focus on the sensations that I feel in my prostate to build those sensations.

    Same goes for wearing it during the day, walking around. If anything I just feel a bit if discomfort. The moment I lay down and focus my thoughts on my prostate, the magic happens.

    I’d imagine that if I happen to have a wet dream with an Aneros in, it would be wonderful. As it stands, I have a wet dream once a year at most. And that’s usually after a week or so of edging.

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