Do taller people have their prostate up higher?

Hi there I’m kinda curious because I myself am pretty tall at 205cm (6,9 F) and have recently bought a aneros progasm.
And I really like the feeling of walking with it, but it does not seem to hit my prostate in any position (standing or laying down), but I am able to hit my prostate with bigger dildo’s for example. So I know what I’m supposed to feel but the progasm doesnt do much for me while using it.

Could it be that I’m to tall for the progasm? And if so are there any bigger or longer prostate massagers on the market?



  1. You have to be in a relaxed state and a horny mindset to experience sensations from prostate play. Walking about might not give you these two “requirements”. Maybe you should try it with another context – such as the bedroom

  2. I’m 6’3 and the Helix works fine for me. I am interested to buy a slightly longer model just to see the difference

  3. Had a doctor tell me once that our “internal arrangement,” could vary.

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