nJoy Electrified

Before I discovered prostate play I was really into e-stim. I have a high-end power box and a collection of monopole and bi-polar electrodes. Initially I was able to have HFWOs from e-stim, but as age (70) and ED caught up with me, I lost that ability. Enter prostate play, and levels of pleasure I never dreamed possible. I still pull out my e-stim kit occasionally and add a pair of electrodes to supplement my Aneros toys, and I did just that on my session yesterday.

I started with a stick-on patch electrode at the top of my butt crack at the base of my spine, and a conductive silicone tubing electrode around my cock and balls, and my Progasm Ice in the anal canal. Soon I was having some really great prostate orgasms. The buzzing of the s-stim really enhances the Aneros. At some point I started thinking of my nJoy wand, and then an idea hit me. What if I put another conductive silicon electrode around the end of the nJoy?

OMFG! I put the big end in my ass, lassoed the small end with the electrode, and turned up the power. That put the e-stim directly onto my quivering prostate, and led to an intense set of orgasms. I didn’t have any nitrile gloves, and so was unable to hold and manipulate the wand, which would have been amazing. And since I was just using the wand hands-free, I decided to swap it out with my nJoy pFun plug.

Double OMFG! The pFun is one of my favorite prostate toys, and electrified, it put the power into the prostate directly. It was feeling just incredible! Time to turn it all up a notch or two. I slipped the conductive ring that was circling my cock and balls up to the head of my cock, cinching it down just behind the corona. Then I slipped my Satisfier Men penis vibe down over the head of my dick, covering the electrode. I turned up my power box, sending electrons through my prostate and into the head of my cock, and turned on the penis vibrator. Finally, a big hit of poppers using the sock method.

The result; the most intense super-O I have ever experienced. And not just one, but several, in rapid succession. I don’t usually get erect during prostate play, but I sure did during these orgasms. I decided to take advantage of the erection, so I slid the electrode down off the head of my dick, and once again circled my cock and balls. I lubed up my cock, turned up the power, and within seconds of starting to stroke, had a massive super-T.

I probably will save the e-stim for special occasions, as I love the simplicity of a normal session, but wow! For an intense, mind-blowing session, the combination can’t be beat. I may modify my pFun plug by drilling a hole in the base to fit my electrode cable directly, eliminating the conductive ring. And next time I’ll have some gloves on hand so that I can stroke with the nJoy wand. That should be amazing!

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