Need help getting over the edge

Lately I have been having a Eros sessions that lead to intense pleasure that seems to fall just short of climax. I reach a plateau of pleasure that goes on and on for minutes at a time. I am not complaining about this, I am actually very happy with this progress and the amount of pleasure I am able to receive. However, it feels like I am just shy of crossing over into an even deeper and more profound climax that I just can’t seem to reach. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how do you get over the edge?




  1. Don’t think of it as an edge. It’s hard, because we’re so used to the mechanics of ejaculatory orgasms. You have to, sort of, let the orgasm come to you. Relax into the pleasure, don’t force it, don’t look for evidence it’s growing stronger. Focus on gentle, deep breathing. I find it helps to imagine I’m breathing into my abdomen – it keeps my focus on the area between my penis and belly button. Eventually, I begin to feel a pressure build up here – like an imaginary muscle is contracting. If I try and push it, it fades. If I just relax, maintain the breathing, I’ll get subtle sensations of pleasure spreading – it usually becomes orgasmic after my mind has wandered. Afterwards I’m aware that I subconsciously kept the breathing focus going.

  2. Hi Liquidflow!

    For myself… having an Aneros in ONLY I have not been able to get over the edge to have an “ejaculation” orgasm yet… I get extremely close but not quite over the edge. I have found that prostate orgasms are completely different than what we are normally use to. And I do have them when I am in play mode with my Aneros LOL. They are completely different though… For me anyway I experience a much higher heart rate as well as extreme pleasure in my prostate… it just feels extremely good. I start by getting these waves of pleasure that feel just like waves…they come from deep within me and go in waves of pleasure that go through my whole body. Faster heart rate…. EXTREME pleasure in my prostate and then my body completely loses control… I shake uncontrollably…. almost like I have become possessed is the best way I can describe it. Lastly it is like the feeling in my prostate is that it is moving on the Aneros on its own without me contracting any more. Especially when I squeeze and hold at about 75% of contracting all of the way… hold it for a minute or two before extending the contraction and starting again. I am now in my 50’s…. had never experienced anything like this before. Damn I’ve been missing out my whole life! Amazing pleasure. Oh smoking some weed may help as well! 🙂 Hope that helps.

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