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  1. I’ve been using the the Aneros on and off for a few years but really only had a real breakthrough earlier this year. I’ve still not achieved what I think it’s the Super O but I’ve found it very pleasurable and have had many sessions where I have what I think are PWaves.

    Around the same time I had the breakthrough I experimented aless, with just flexing the muscles, and there was one day where I was sat at my desk doing almost no work because I was having such intense feelings. Years ago I found this great aid for the Aneros, an audio called “Super O Slut” by KinkyShibby. I’ve found it great, but I can’t listen to it anymore when using the Aneros. However her other stuff is divine and so amazing. This evening I had an HFO using her videos. Now I had built myself up and gone through several of her ‘series’ of getting into trance, but I managed to get there tonight.

    How they compare? Not sure really, what I feel with the toy is different and without a good two thirds of it are all mental feelings.

  2. I’ve had orgasms with both. I guess the orgasms themselves feel the same, it’s the getting there that’s different.

    With Aless I feel you have to be much gentler. Contractions and muscle movement should barely tickle the prostate. When I have my Aneros in I’ll hold contractions at like 25%. Without it has to be more like 2%. I also feel like you have to focus a lot more. When the toy is in I can wander a bit and involuntaries can start by themselves via do nothing. Without a toy pivoting, you have to focus and imagine a lot more.

    I have a Tempo, Progasm and MGX. They all give different orgasms and if I was to compare I’d say an aless gives similar to the Tempo. It feels damn good, but doesn’t leave me gasping and Panting like the MGX and the Progasm can.

    I never do ALess because I don’t want to use the Aneros. I do aless because I “can’t” use the toy. Like in my office, during a long drive, asleep next to the wife, or when I don’t feel like my bottom side is “ready” for a toy.

  3. Thanks for the info guys. To give a bit of context of why I ask. I’ve been on this prostate awakening journey for only a few months. I’ve been focusing on achieving p gasm’s through relaxation, breathing and light kegels. So far I’ve had good progress with multiple o’s using these techniques alone. It’s been quite surprising how much success I’ve had to be honest.

    I’m now wondering if I should take the plunge and buy an aneros toy. I’m not sure which type yet but was wondering if it would make the experience better even though it’s been pretty awesome so far.

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