Oh, wow. Something new.


I’ve had the aneros for years, but have gone months in between without using it. Never got a super O or anything that didn’t require manual intervention to feel good. Anyway. I also have had bad hemorrhoids and while the helix did help me feel better after, it was definitely not a pleasure to use.

Cue the peridise. Smaller and shorter than most of the other massagers, I wasn’t expecting anything. I just knew I was able to sleep with them in safely. (The helix has this “hook” near the top which always hurts upon insertion/removal).

I’ve slept with the peridise in multiple times, and my hole is in MUCH better condition than it has been. And for the first time last night, while sleeping with it in, I woke myself up with the most intense ass-clenching of my life. Like, you’d think I was possessed or being stabbed in the butt. It happened about 3 times, but it was from a dead sleep to a 100% “thrust” – I can’t quite explain it. I didn’t cum at all, but I don’t even know if it was an orgasm. But it was definitely the most intense feeling in my butt as I’ve ever felt, and by far the furthest I’ve gotten with an aneros.

So, my testimonial is, if you have hemorrhoids, get the peridise. It’s small enough to leave in all day, go to sleep with, etc. It’ll help you heal, and might also hopefully end up with me ejaculating everywhere in my sleep.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/i4xwkt/oh_wow_something_new/


  1. Hey, when you first started using the aneros, did you experience discomfort when inserting it in?

    Do you think as a beginner, it makes sense to start with the Peridise?

  2. Fun fact, Aneros was first invented out of a hemorrhoid relief tool. A hemorrhoid is nothing but a ruptured muscle tissue usually caused by stress from pushing too hard or suddenly. Devices like the Peridise have been long used as an exercise tool to strengthen those muscles. With proper use you can nearly eliminate them.

    I myself had a nasty internal hemorrhoid and one external when I started play. It’s totally gone now and I thank the Aneros for that.

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