Thoughts on cutting or molding the arms of an aneros

I have 2 models progasam and helix syn I like the feeling of the progasam to the point I rarely use the helix anymore but as I’m kindof finding out my sweet spot isn’t as far as I thought it was more angled up been thinking of modding my helix any recommendations or guides would be appreciated



  1. I read somewhere that someone used a lighter to soften one of the arms so it could be adjusted. I’ve also seen a video online where it looks like the guy completely removed the back arm.

    I used the lighter method to weaken/move the back arm just a bit. For me the Helix (standard not Syn) works great, but the area where the rear tab hits always got sore and I wasn’t feeling much of the P tab. So I did the mod and it’s great.

    I guess a word of warning, I’ve seen various posts about people modding their device and then not liking it and having to just get a new one.

  2. My front prone snapped off after I had my first super o, so I stuck it back with duct tape and it’s more flexible now, try that.

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