Eupho Trident | Progasm | Vice2

I have a Eupho Trident | Progasm | Vice2. Bought in that order lol.

The trident was fun when i first got it but it really pokes my pspot a lot and i also wanted something fuller so I bought The progasm and hah it would fill me up and rest everywhere but kinda hard to control. I then bought the vice2 just to feel vibrations for fun but it has had me appreciate my progasm a lot more. (I should have bought and njoy wand 🤦🏻‍♂️) I haven’t really super o’d with out stimulation but when I finish with the progasm inside it’s amazing when done right.

Also since playing with the vice2 a lot I’ve been easily playing with the progasm now. It’s been a trip. Wanna try using some Shea butter soon 🧈

Although being honest i wish i went with a wand to explore and practice more. I do like my vice2 though but I noticed I settle for the progasm more.

Wonder when I’ll appreciate my Eupho Trident 😕

How are your toys?



  1. I found the Progasm a little pokey as well. For this style of play I like the soft toys from Squarepeg and Oxballs. I use them with the same technique as the Aneros products. They are a little bigger, and the softness adds a “squish” while kegeling that feels really good. Also, I love my Njoy Wand for hands-on play.

  2. (This is all over like 9mo of my early journey)

    I started with a MGX. Got decent results but meh. Bought a Helix. Got nothing. Then bought a Progasm and really felt it. Consistent p waves, for hours. Leakage. Etc. but no orgasms. Then I bought a Tempo. This changed my life. Following instructions (do 20mins or relax and kegel before inserting. Only insert the top and continue) I was able to really control this thing and was getting body squirming results. No super O but damn did it work me and felt great. Went back to MGX, bam, super O. Then tried Progasm again. Bam. Super O. Helix still doesn’t do much for me. I’ve also since bought a Eupho and I get nothing.

    My new combo is
    MGX alone
    Tempo alone
    MGX then Progasm
    Tempo then Progasm
    MGX then Progasm

    Any of those options above deliver results with Tempo then Progasm as the most consistent.

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