1. Silicone is the best material when it comes to body safety but it also prevents you from using silicone based lubes (they melt the toy)

  2. I have the regular white Helix Trident, and don’t have a Syn model to compare directly. But as I understand the Syn models are softer and more flexible (the tabs especially); the original ones are more rigid. I feel like I’ve read more comments about people thinking the Syns are *too* flexible and the white ones are easier to move with the muscles. Also with the original white you can use whatever lube, the Syn you have to be careful not to use oil based lubes.

  3. It’s fitting into a delicate part of your anatomy and different people are going to have different preferences. Kind of like a shoe – some people are going to like a very soft shoe, other people might prefer a very rigid one.

    The biggest difference for me is that the perineal tab puts out a ton of pressure in the old style models, to the point where I have to put a pad underneath it or it’s too uncomfortable.

    My default recommendation for someone new to this is the Helix Syn, which is also the company recommendation. It has a large “active area” on the head, which makes it easier to find the prostate for a new user than some of the other models. It has a soft feel because of the silicone finish, which makes it comfortable to use. It’s not tiny but it’s not big either, which makes it pretty easy to insert. Note that you have to use water-based lube, silicone/oil lube can mess up the toy coating.

    For those who already bought it and are interested in other options, knowing what I know now, my recommended buy order would be:

    * Helix Syn, for the reasons above
    * if you like that but want a fuller feeling from a larger toy, the Progasm Ice
    * if you like that but want more movement and a more “tickling” feeling, the Eupho (Syn is more comfortable, the Trident puts out more pressure, whichever you think you’d prefer)

    Hope that helps.

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