1. I have not tried it but I think it wouldn’t help, as least fI eat edibles to help me relax and get me into the proper mind state where I’m not overthinking and just enjoying the experience. Coke does the opposite. It puts you in an energetic frenzy. I would think I’d be too energized to just melt into the pleasure like I should.

  2. I don’t think it’s going to help, I have not had the exact experience of coke and an AneroS but having had sex while using coke I think you’re going in the wrong direction of sensation/body feeling.

    I have heard good things about using poppers but have not tried.

  3. IDK, relaxation is supposed to be one of the main keys, so prob no?


    BUT, I think the soft dick syndrome would help and IDK, I did Benzedrex a couple times, which is sort of a methy/extacy high apparently (which also makes your dick pretty useless) and I had some great sessions off that, but alas, no super O… but the most pre and biggest load I’ve ever shot

  4. You should increase the number of sessions per year…

    I do about 2 sessions per week. If you accumulate the number of sessions, you’ll increase the chance of getting a Super-O. I don’t know if cocaine can help you get a Super-O, I don’t think it does. THC, on the other hand, helps me a lot to have lots of orgasms, some of which come close to a Super-O.

  5. dude weed is legal (at least where live) and wont give addiction. super-o under coke is a thing you can live without.

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