Aneros Peridise: Some suggestion? Worth it buying?


i see the Aneros Peridise, but i don’t understand if is ok to stimulate the prostate and if can give the Super O as the other Aneros Toys.

It is Worth buying or not? Some one tried it and make a comparison betwet it and other aneros? It’s better or not to obtain prostatic orgasm and super o?



  1. First of all, the toys don’t GIVE you a super O, nothing you buy will get you there if that’s how you think.

  2. It may be fine… with the Aneros, bigger isn’t necessarily better. I have the Tempo which is next closest in size to the Peridise I believe… I also have the Helix Syn as well as the Progasm. I have had great results with the Tempo and have been able to achieve prostate orgasms this way… very enjoyable. Learning to control the smaller one actually helped me to control the bigger two a bit better. What the heck, give the Peredise a try…then review here. Heck or go to the Tempo!!

  3. For a small toy I’m amazed at how pleasurable it is. A lot of times I’ll start a session with it. Another thing, you can sit with it which is nice. It tones & strengthens your anal sphinter muscles and will help future sessions. I’m very happy with mine.

  4. Buy definitely,Aneros Peridise is worth it !!! I have a set of 4 pieces, I train with the biggest one and I already managed to ejaculate with it (no hands). I haven’t reached super O yet.

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