Progasm and the Jr

I have a progasm and it gets me off good. However I have to warm up to it and only works when I’m super super horny. My MGX is the go to.

However, I’m thinking about buying a Progasm Jr, thinking it might give me that progasm style intense orgasm, but without the discomfort that the giant progasm can give sometimes.

Anyone have both and can provide their thoughts.



  1. I have both. I much prefer the original Prograsm. The Jr just doesn’t work very well for me. I really love how full the Progasm feels and honestly I kind of want them to make a Progasm XL.

  2. I have both but only a few sessions with the Progasm (bought the Jr some months ago and the Progasm some weeks ago…).

    Bothe gives me real good orgasms. For me, the only difference is in the feeling of fullness for the moment.

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