Second Session Advice

So, I had my second session today and I wanted some help determining if what I felt really was involuntary contractions. About an hour in, I found someone else’s post here talking about how the second video on []( helped a lot with having their first involuntary contractions. I decided I’d try it too, but I didn’t get anything until the very last set of contractions on the video. All of a sudden the weak pulsing in my muscles got really warm and pleasurable, almost overwhelming, but it only seemed to last a few seconds before I lost control of it. For those of you who have had involuntaries, does that sound like what happened to you?



  1. Don’t try too hard to analyze what happens during a session. I know it’s difficult because I myself had this tendency to want to analyze and understand everything. It’s when I let go a little bit that my sessions improved. Above all, don’t do anything but enjoy the slightest little sensation during your session. You said you were reading a post during the session? No! try to spend your next session with your eyes closed and in silence.

  2. i just did the session, but without a toy (i’m waiting for it come in soon!). i felt some sort of pleasure in my muscles but what i really noticed is uncontrollable shaking and twitching of my legs. it felt soo good because i submitted all of my control to the uncontrollable feelings.

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