1. Chamomile tea or lavender tea might work? Maybe some valerian root supplements (I’ve heard it called Natures Xanax). I wouldn’t recommend taking melatonin, as it might put you to sleep while you have your toy inside!

  2. Relaxation is an art. Don’t force it, just let the conditions be right and ease into yourself. Bring focus to your body and build that focus, feel your inner body. Turn on music that you like, meditate beforehand, and adjust your lighting. Minimize overstimulating sources around you. Keep it simple.

    I wouldn’t rely so much on supplements or any drug for relaxation, although they do help. If you’re truly interested, look into magnesium, passionflower, and CBD. These have worked for me before, but are inconsistent.

  3. I recently visited a pelvis floor physiotherapist for tight pelvic floor. Relaxing internally is quite difficult since we don’t actively use (control) these muscles. I asked for ways i could physically tell i was being successful at relaxing. She informed me when your balls are hanging very relaxed is one way, and that your butt cheeks are relaxed and not tight together. For me this also means my anus is protruding just a little, and my dick has a nice flaccid hang going on. Maybe these visuals will help your progress.

  4. Weed is what I use. They make weed lube and there’s also rub on lotions.

    Basically I need to get out of my head to really get into it.

    You can watch some videos on mindfulness and calming.

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