Lube with Helix Trident

My aneros helix trident is coming in soon, and I want to be prepared how to lube myself up. The trident is plastic and I don’t want to ruin it. I have coconut oil and a water based lube. Which do you recommend, will it damage my toy, and do you recommend mixing the two together? Also, how much, and how do I lube up my ass effectively.


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  1. Both are fine, but as coconut oil isn’t intended for internal use, I can’t say I’d personally recommend it, even if it’s a popular option.


    The water based lube should be fine, but other options such as oil or silicone are perfectly fine as well.


    As for lubing yourself up, you don’t need much, just some on the outside of your anus, some on the toy, and I always recommend some inside yourself, which can be done with a small nozzle available at any pharmacy

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