Experience with Water Based Lube

What are your experiences with water-based lubes? I have water-based, but I’m thinking of buying oil or silicone based because water-based is not as good. I’m using the aneros helix trident, so it’s not silicone. How pleasureful is water-based or how long does it last during prostrate play with an aneros toy?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/imsavn/experience_with_water_based_lube/


  1. The best one water based lube I have used is Sliquid H2O. Try to avoid anything with glycerin as an ingredient.

    Before I used Sliquid, I liked astroglide X for a silicone based lube.

  2. I also have the trident. I have nothing else to compare to but the lube tends to comfortably last a couple of hours.

  3. “Good Clean Love Almost Naked” water based. 95% organic. Smells good.

    Used to use coconut oil which is fine but it’s just not as slick.

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