My first Super O!!!

Needless to say it took me almost two years but it finally arrived last night! OMG!!!!!!

I was bored at home and decided to insert the Aneros to see if something would happen (yes, I had no motivation to keep playing with it due to the long time being). Laid down on my couch, some porn, weed and poppers.

Funny thing is, after over 6 hours of play, all I was able to achieve was to cum touching myself twice.

Alright, get ready for bedtime but then I noticed my insides continued to shake uncontrollably…. and I was like OK this has to be a sign! Got my Aneros inside again and laid down with some binaural sounds and gently nipple touching…. then boy… oh boy…. I felt something building up, and up, and up… at that point I knew it was coming 100%. So I got my poppers and sniffed it for about 7 seconds. Relax. RELAX. And then BOOOOOOM. My legs were up, my whole body was shaking and the feeling inside was something I had never, never experienced before! It feels like you’re in the middle of a choppy ocean and by every water move your insides resonate and continue to follow the waves. CRAZY! I have to say, I moaned like a little b*tch for about a minute. Super crazily intense stuff!

Now I’m wondering if it will be easier to achieve more super O? Or do I have to continue practicing for another 2 years? LMAO



  1. Jealous! I’ve been at it for about 8 months now and have yet to feel the slightest tingle. Stories like this give me hope though. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations!

    If my own anecdotal experience is any indication, just having your first super-o does not mean it will be easily replicated. Trying to recreate exactly what happened last night will be almost impossible (6+ hours, 2 regular orgasms, then a reawakening shortly after when you had time to start another session).

    For me, I know I’ll try to follow exactly what I did the last time to get a super-o and that doesn’t always work. Sometimes I’ll get a super O and I’ll fixate on what I think “did it” for me that time, but it won’t “do it” for me the next time. Sometimes I’ll have a super O and have no idea what triggered it. It’s pretty hit/miss for me. If I had to guess at ratios, I’d say 2 ok sessions for every 1 super o session.

  3. Poppers and weed are such a great combination for amazing prostate orgasms. My first full body orgasm was with poppers. Poppers are so great one good hit and I’ve gotta have something in me.

  4. Not as strong as the day before which I was fully able to relax and enjoy the crazy ride, but last night it got built to the climax and then disappeared. I was not able to enjoy it as much but still some 15 seconds of crazy hallucinating pleasure.


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