What was that!

Long story short been at it for a about 3 months on and off. Not really felt anything until a week ago.

Basically I was using the condom technique (2nd time trying it) as my lube keeps drying up with the helix trident and I noticed as I was doing light kegals what felt like an itch real deep in the rectum of what felt like the end of the condom just tickling very faintly(not sure if that’s the case or if it was actually the aneros but that’s what it felt like). So I was just enjoying this new feeling and then about 5 minutes or so out of nowhere the tickling turned into waves of sexual energy erupting. My breathing got faster, toes started to curl and started getting hard, pleasure building on every kegel to levels of pleasure I never even thought possible!

Then my penis scraped my tummy as it got hard and then all of a sudden as quick as it came on it disappeared completely. The itch was gone now and I relaxed and tried various methods over the course of 30 minutes or so to no avail.

Just wondering if anyone else just focuses on an itch deep inside or if that was maybe luck that the condom was waving around. I don’t recall anyone ever having an experience like this before and I’ve not felt it in subsequent sessions either?

Also does anyone have issues with penis killing the season and if so how do you overcome this?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ip22rv/what_was_that/


  1. Yea, that “itch” is what you’re rewiring to. You’ll find that horniness/arousal will trigger that feeling w/out anything in you after awhile.

  2. sounds like P-wave to me

    I experienced it maybe only 3 times in my 2 years ongoing journey.
    Two with cheap prostate massager that vibrates, not using it again.
    One with cheap Aneros knock off that slightly longer.
    But now I only use Aneros Helix Trident. No P-wave, but got 1 prostate orgasm I think.

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