Using a back massager to relax lead me to the Super O – IF YOU SIT IN A CHAIR ALL DAY READ THIS

If you sit all day and don’t have an active stretching or exercise routine (pretty much most of us in COVID) chances are you have some soreness or tightness around the pelvic region. Whether its’s your hips, glutes, or even lower back, tension in these areas can make it very difficult to relax.

After 5 years of trying (from 2014 onward) with only a few minor successes, a few weeks after regularly using a pressure point massager (the one I used is linked below but they all pretty much do the same thing) to loosen and work those areas I starting having consistent P-waves, leading up to my first SuperO a few days later. This was autumn of 2019. Now I am able to reach SuperO with some consistency, and recently had my first A-less SuperO.

Once I put two and two together I was absolutely astounded. It seems so obvious now that I think about it in hind sight.

Currently, my routine consists of inserting Aneros and spending at least 10-15min loosening up my hips while I get use to the toy. Personally, I find it most effective to stretch and actively move the point I am massaging. If you are especially sore this might hurt, so please be gentle.

I hope you are able to find this useful, please feel free to comment / reach out with questions and I will be happy to respond.

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  1. Wow interesting. Perhaps a stretching routine for this area before a session could help too?

  2. This is very relevant and interesting to me.
    I have partial lower back issues, and I constantly sit in a chair partially due to work + my back.
    What type of massaging motions or styles would you say you use? Like, direct on hip/lower back/calves/anywhere really.

    I’m partially numb in the areas around where I’m talking so I’d like to give this a try, I have random bursts of success that never seem tied to anything but I’m questioning if it is due to a hidden muscular tension I have going on, as I really can’t tell by feel.

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