Always a HFWO

Hello everyone, relatively new user here (couple months) with some success, but I always seem to end up ending a session with a HFWO. I have the MGX Trident. There has been one instance where I feel like I made great progress, I was listening to the kinkyshibby audio for aneros (I can link below if needed, unsure how to link in post on mobile) after reading some other comments recommending it. Got about 50 minutes in and my entire body started to shake and I got pins and needles all over. Started to orgasm hard, definitely felt more than a normal orgasm, and it started out with me not cumming, but eventually after most of the pumps some cum did come out and I had to deal with the refractory period. It seems that every session I have I end up with a HFWO, and a normal refractory period. Does anyone else experience this and does anyone know of any tips to lead towards a HFO and Super-O? Thanks for your time!



  1. What helped me is to really relax and fine tune my technique.

    My technique started out nice and relaxed, but if I didn’t see any progress within a 45 minutes or so, I would start to try and fabricate results. I was trying to force involuntary contractions as opposed to letting them come to me. Involuntaries are a good sign you are progressing but don’t actively try to get them to happen. Let them happen on their own.

    Your thought process shouldn’t be “if I can make involuntaries happen, then I can get to the super O”.

  2. When you hands free is it a spurt or oozing? With my HF it oozes and I have incredible urges to jerk off. When have normal orgasms I spurt. Spurts lead to the refractory period. I believe we try to help it along too much and can’t really get out of our own heads. I have had dry os but not every time nor can I pinpoint exactly how I trigger them. Got to the edge of something bigger once but screwed it up by trying to hard to help it along.

  3. Ok, I think the spurting may be like a normal penis in vagina type orgasm. The ooze or dry is more prostate related. Things that helped me are kegals. There is the stop peeing action, there’s the turd pinch action, and the push turd action. You can fluctuate between heavy/hard muscle impulse and light. Try each separately and once you can target each well separately try rolling through each a few times. Doing a rolling routine can give me HFWO without a Aneros but requires a little more time. Occasionally I can do a couple dry ones, but not as often as I like. I practice rolling during waiting for appointments or long stretch of highway driving. It’s a also good warmup for play time as well. Tweaking nipples kinda sorta helps but I haven’t exactly gotten that down yet either. Lots of ways to skin this cat. Good luck 😃

  4. HFWO are all about a feeling for the need to release. It is kind of like you building up urine in your bladder over the course of the day and you feel the need to push it all out when you are feeling full. Conversely, after a long aneros session your pipes are filled with cum. You feel this fullness and the natural tendency for a man is to shoot it like a cannon! It feels awesome to do so, so that further reinforces the reflex.
    The key to the ejaculatory reflex is with the pelvic floor muscles that are toward the back of your body, near the spine. One spurt of ejaculation starts at the furthest up and back part of the muscle and the clench cascades down and forward to your penis, this cascade happens very quickly which is now a spurt of cum can travel 28 mph! The key to dry orgasms and super-o is to not allow that muscle clench to get out of your control. Allow the muscles to flow like a wave backward and forward. If you are too frantic you can end up losing control of the wave and you go back into reflex mode of pushing it all out.

    One thing I found helpful is to watch videos of girls who know how to flex their asses. Learning to control that muscle group is helpful.

  5. There’s a sub reddit called Hands Free Orgasm that has a few clips of folks having one. Near top of page something like long hands free the poster is Bitt something. These are pretty similar to what I call oozing.

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