First time use advice welcomed

My helix syn came in yesterday. Used it, prior to buying I did plenty of research on it and just the overall pspot in general. I know the difference in contractions and I thought my pc muscle (if that’s the correct term) was fairly strong and I can Differentiate between the two.

So most folks said put in and chill for a few I am pretty relaxed normally as well so that’s Done. So let’s see what’s on the hub….

I started to do pc contractions nothing. Like Yo what? It took me a few to do it having something interfere with it (helix) but I got it. I went light and increased then backed off. Did this for a while eh okay imma amp it up.

So I squeezed hard and held it and began to feel a warmth around my pelvic region and found myself not breathing. And having to stop (take a breath) as said sensation traveled up to my tip. I did that for a while longer and only thing that came of it was a ton of pre cum. Eventually I just finished normally. I guess at times I involuntarily moved my legs around finding positions that I didn’t have to squeeze as much. I’m not gonna give up I did read someone said tug of war I couldn’t find the post on the forum to experiment with this. Oh by the end I could feel My pc muscle fatigued have others experienced this? My overall first experience was decent? Didn’t leave me with the feeling of a bust but more so with oh hey something is here.


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  1. I tug of war post you mentioned is very similar to the “big squeeze” Mindgasm lesson. You hold both muscles for 30 seconds or so and slowly release both (or one) and at some point as you are unclenching/relaxing you hit a magic point where something starts twitching. I think of it like starting at a 50% hold, and slowly dialing it down until the flutter starts, then hold at that.

    The latest thing I keep having to remind myself is to, not try so hard…? If that makes sense. Not every squeeze needs to be 100%, give it everything you got (although that can sometimes do amazing things, but that’s later). Think about the lowest amount of flexing you can do, like if I do *this* I can just barely feel something move/clench/whatever, and then hold it. That’s when it blows up for me. Blows up as in, the point I feel inside, I don’t know, grows and feels warm and … You know.

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