Learning to do good contractions

I recently got the Helix Trident Syn. I’m trying to do the contractions by putting it in and squeezing rhythmically, but it isn’t that stimulating and I’m not noticing the twitching response people describe. I like having it in and can get some good pleasure from grinding my ass against the bed with the toy inside, but since the Super O is a muscle thing I feel like maybe my muscles are just weak and I am cheating by grinding. I definitely notice that I am having stronger penile orgasms when I have been squirming around with the Aneros for a while, and today I found myself craving the perineum stimulation while touching my cock so I put it in and had a good wet orgasm. It’s nothing like what people describe with the dry orgasm from contractions though. Anyone have advice on how to have good contractions?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/iznpdh/learning_to_do_good_contractions/


  1. For me grinding with the toy is a red herring, it might feel good at a time but it doesn’t generate deep full body pleasure. What works best is to relax and let Aneros do the work. Or you could grind, then relax and wait… In the end, only you could find what works

  2. Less is more with the aneros. Think of it barely moving inside you vs it vibrating and thrusting and grinding and clenching and it’s moving, whatever. Sometimes you can’t help it because it’s like being tickled, a reaction to whatever is happening. But calm it down instead of thinking that you need it to be doing more and more.

    Also, avoid touching your dick until you need to wrap it up and cum. I can sometimes get to a point where masturbating doesn’t feel good for my dick, it’s just adding to whatever is happening with my prostate. But most of the time it seems to pull me out of the session and you lose focus on the small feelings you’re looking for.

  3. All my super Os were achieved with the do nothing technique. You just stuck it in and let it go

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