First session using whippets

Following a recent post from u/accomplishedJuice5, I decided to try a new combination; hitting whippets in combination with poppers. I’m a long time poppers user, and have had many amazing super-Os triggered by a hit of poppers. According to aj5, hitting some nitrous before the poppers adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

Being a whippet newbie, I had to first buy a whipped cream charger, a pack of whippets, and some punching bag balloons. Luckily, my local sex shop had all the supplies needed. I bought a ten-pack of whippets, but only needed two in the first session.

I started the session last night with my Eupho Trident, while watching some VR porn. Everything felt great, and after a short warm-up, I loaded up the first balloon, and inhaled the entire thing. I was only able to hold it in for 20 seconds or so, and took a pair of deep breaths to get the oxygen flowing, before taking a deep hit from my sippy-cup of poppers. As reported by accomplishedJuice5, this triggered an incredible series of super-Os that lasted 4-5 minutes.

Once the first cascade faded, I repeated the whippet/popper cycle, and was again almost instantly enveloped in another amazing super-O cascade, even longer and more powerful than the first. I remember thinking that I had to tell myself today just how incredible these orgasms were; definitely some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

I closed out the session in doggie position riding my favorite 6” dildo while hitting the poppers. This always yield some really powerful anal orgasms, distinctly different from the prostate orgasms, in that they originate deep in my anal canal.

I don’t know that I would do the whippets every session, as overindulgence in whippets can deplete your B-12, but maybe once a month it could really add a new element to my prostate play. Thanks, u/accomplishedJuice5 for a great tip!



  1. I always take B12 pills the days after using whippits. I’ve not done them too often but they’re a lot of fun aren’t they? On their own they are ok, but nothing special, but as soon as you combine it with another drug they are a world of their own. Do you just breathe it in and hold it or do you exhale/inhale multiple times into the same balloon? The latter will increase the effects.


    I once did a light dose of 2cb and took my first ever balloon. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Everyone’s started to look fucked up and made all my friends look like retards or frogs. When I looked around the whole world was fragmented into something that looked like the matrix. Everything looked like links in a chain. The music in the background turned into a liquid in the air and I could taste it in my mouth. Was the funniest and most interesting 2 minutes of my life to date.

  2. Okay, as a non-smoker and non-anything aside from the few seconds high that a normal orgasm by masturbation is: what are the actual risks for health? Especially if you take some medicine?

    I somewhat keen to try weed-vaporizers but thanks to Corona I can’t visit Amsterdam to try. And here it is illegal. So what is the thing about whipplets and Poppers? I did read alot of warnings….?

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