Any Favorite Audios from Nimja hypnosis or male alternatives?

I have recently gotten into Nimja’s hypnosis and I was wondering if you had any favorite audios. It seems that he has some that are totally unrelated to sex and some that are more kinky than erotic. For those who listen to his audios and get orgasms from them, do you stick to the orgasms category or do any of the erotic audios give you orgasms too? I am gay so I am looking for a male voice to listen to, although I am sure there are straight guys that listen to Nimja. So any male alternatives to Nimja would also be great.


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  1. I am not familiar with Nimja but I have had some amazing orgasms just listening to a commanding male voice, I generally don’t go for the “handsfree orgasm” hypnosis type anymore but I still have a weakness for “good boys obey, obediance is pleasure” if the artist has a hot voice.

    I will PM you a favorite for youtube and then search out Nimja.

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