Pre cum

Has anyone else found that since rewiring (or during the process) that they pre cum way more frequently than normal? I’ve realised that I just need to be horny and focus on my arousal and then I start leaking after a few minutes and not just a little, i’m talking like half a teaspoon worth. When I was a teenager (i’m 26 btw) I used to produce pre cum everytime I was horny. Before I started using the aneros earlier this year I could only pre cum if I was super horny or during prostate stimulation. After a few months using the aneros, it’s like i’ve regressed to my teenage years again and I only need to think about sex and then a few mins later I start to feel a wet patch downstairs. Interestingly I tend to produce way more during aless sessions than with the aneros. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



  1. I found same. i can start leaking very quickly now, and more of it. sometimes even just erotic thoughts and I can feel it happening. and the longer i go without orgasm, the more i produce

  2. LOL…teenage years…I’m only chiming in b/c I’ve had a lot of pre-cum all my life (47 now), and I do find more pre-cum with prostate stimulation. But pre-cum is made in the prostate, so it makes lots of sense.

    If you want to have more fun, add things like lecithin or pygeum to your supplements and see what happens.

  3. Im in my 70s ,I have had some little flourishes of aless,I really don’t pursue it that much but yes the right thoughts produce precum very easily.I always wear boxers during aneros sessions because my erection causes my frenulum to lightly brush against them it feels awsome.I just finished a session with the Eupho trident.I was in and out of orgasm for 30 min. [straight](https://straight.My).I had an 1 1/2 circle totally soaked with pre.

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