Finger better than Helix trident?

I’ve just started experimenting with prostrate play, and I’ve read up on what everything is supposed to feel like. The idea of a super-o excites me, so I got a helix trident to help me get there. I know it’s a long process, and you have to let go to get there. But when I have the trident in, I don’t feel contact with my prostate (the needing to pee feeling). I am able to get that feeling of needing to pee (and pleasure from it) with my finger(s) though. I would try to just use my fingers to stimulate my prostate, but I can only go for so long without my hands getting tired. Do I just need to stick it out with the trident until I start feeling something? Any tips for how to get that feeling of contact of the prostate with the helix trident?



  1. is a good start. Your prostate is shy and will show its face through subtle forces. Once you practice this then suddenly pleasure will also appear and you’ll learn that the anus contains a lot of nerve endings.

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