1. I’m a first timer too and that’s what I got. I haven’t had enough sessions to have any serious success yet, but if my getting one is any consolation to you then 🤗

  2. The HT will be good but I cut off the Ktab because it interferes with the free movement which produces the pleasure.

  3. Yes, absolutely. The Helix trident was my first toy & I still use it regularly. It has helped me to progress over time. Good choice.

  4. That was my first model (the non syn). I had success with it very quickly. From when I understand, the white plastic model is more rigid and can help with movement. The Syn is softer and the arms are more flexible and some people said it made the toy hard to maneuver. Its not too big to be intimidating (Progasm) and not too small that you might not feel anything (Eupho).

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